Basia Lyjak

Toronto, Canada

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Basia Lyjak is a straight-up rock chick whose catchy, well crafted tunes and tight, explosive vocals hark back to a day when singing came from your heart and your gut, rather than a pitch corrector in a studio. A tireless, passionate self-starter, Basia's self-funded releases, the "Writings on the Wall," EP and the "Don't Talk," "What It Feels Like" and "Never Wanted Anything" singles have By Geoff McLeanbeen knocking down doors usually closed to indie artists, and those who hear the catchy, rock-driven and empowering tracks cannot honestly deny their booming, radio-friendly potential. With a team of equally determined supporters at and an all-star band behind her (guitarist Ron Bechard (Sin Dealer, Crash Karma), bassist Dave Carreiro (Nigels 11 feat. Chris Kirkpatrick of 'Nsync), drummer Dale Harrison (The Headstones) and multi-instrumentalist Pat Kelly), Basia has firmly established herself as an internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter. Online communities like MySpace, YouTube, Stereofame and dozens more have allowed Basia to develop a worldwide fan base of music lovers who have been searching for an artist like her since the heydays of Veruca Salt and No Doubt!

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