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בטוקדה אמזונס - הרכב מתופפים המנגן מוסיקה ברזילאית ,לפרטים :0549002499
Batucada Amazonas is a marching percussion ensemble playing the syncopated, African-influenced dance music of Brazil (The site : )
The Batucada , Includes up to 35 musicians, dancers and singers, who bring with them the Brazilian Carnival, which means rhythms, dance, and costumes as you can see in our Pic :

Due to our high standard, the musicians and dancers have appeared on practically every stage possible (on television shows,on Weddings and parties , have played with the Philharmonic Orchestra or in a streets paraid.) and in various places around Europe (Israel ,Turkey ,Germany , Sicily,Cyprus and more).

The Batucada have performed with many Brazilian singers like Daniela mercury, Gal Costa ,Gilberto Gil ,Banda Olodum, Revista do Samba etc.

The members of the band are a combination of Brazilians and non, who together lend a special character to the band, and bring the spirit of the Carnival from Brazil, but also know the European mentality, and know how to combine the two. Amongst the members of the band, there are musicians who have played with the best of the Brazilian bands /Escola de Samba (such as Beija- Flor, Uniao da Ilha, Santa Cruz etc.), and plays with Samba group around the world (N.Y. ,Paris ,etc. ).

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