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The BBC Music Video Festival - The UK's ONLY dedicated music video festival - celebrating new and emerging acts as well as great film Director talent too.

The 2013 Festival is now live at until 31st December

Videos from around the UK and around the world

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  1. Sheffield Doc/Fest
  2. Jake Nelson
  3. Liam Roberts
  4. SCBR
  5. Podcart
  6. machango studio
  7. Roxane Fréché
  8. Mark Bonsor
  9. SomeofmyWork™
  10. Freezeframe Productions
  11. Evgeniy Kostenko
  12. jeep
  13. Boris Seewald
  14. la-underground
  15. APOLLO
  16. TIAGO SOARES Director | DP
  17. Pennan Brae
  18. Sushant Dev

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