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I am a professional Bboy who is focused on showing the world that I love what I do and do what I love to always stay on the right path in life no matter what I do. I grew up in southern california my whole life and want to always continue to follow my dreams through positive outlets to get ahead. I have been breakin since 1995 and was taught by "OG West Cost Rocker" members by the names of Kool-Ski, Dino and ShamRock in Fullerton Ca. I got my bboy name from "Rock-Steady Crew" member "Prince Ken-Swift" in 1996 b4 I began my bboy career. I am very thnkful for every day I live and will always stay humble because I come from humble beginnings. I am now 17yrs in the bboy game and still pursuing my dream. I have done feat films, national commercials, award shows, numerous music videos aswell as still pursuing the underground hip-hop scene and still reppin WCR-Killa4nia Crew*

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