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  1. 19:06


    by British Council Australia

    7 Videos

    ACCELERATE is the British Council's award for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in the creative industries. Each year, ACCELERATE awards a group of outstanding arts workers,…

  2. 12:33

    Big Green Idea

    by British Council Australia

    7 Videos

    The British Council's programme for sustainability, which awards outstanding eco-entrepreneurs with seed funding, support and training to help get their ideas off the ground. For more information,…

  3. 33:31

    British Council Australia arts projects

    by British Council Australia

    10 Videos

    A selection of interviews, behind-the-scenes views and production documentation for some of our work here in Australia.

  4. 42:31

    FameLab 2016

    by British Council Australia

    13 Videos

    FameLab is one of the world's leading science communication competitions. It aims to find, develop and mentor young science and engineering communicators.

  5. 29:30

    Global Education Dialogues: From Catapults to Commercialisation (Canberra event, 9 - 10 March 2015)

    by British Council Australia

    6 Videos

    As the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations, the British Council has shaped the agenda for Internationalising Higher Education (IHE) by developing and staging a…

  6. 37:22

    GREAT Britain Arts 13

    by British Council Australia

    4 Videos

    The most ambitious undertaking of British Council Australia to date, GREAT Britain Arts 13 presented 13 major cultural events across 2013. From Francis Bacon and Anish Kapoor, to the National…

  7. 16:01

    Realise Your Dream

    by British Council Australia

    7 Videos

    The British Council's longest running and most popular award has given more than 50 young Australians the chance to fly to the UK to embark upon a fully tailored professional development opportunity…

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