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Boulder Community Media (BCM) is a Colorado based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to democratizing media and making it accessible to all. Check out the BCM website at:

BCM is also registered to conduct business in Wyoming as Wyoming Community Media (WCM) and in Nebraska as Nebraska Community Media (NCM) Check out the WCM website at:

BCM/WCM/ doesn't directly protect domestic Violence victims or help at risk youth in the classroom, but helps groups like the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Impact on Education tell their stories more effectively.

BCM/WCM/ is a production company that provides:
Pre-production - scriptwriting, casting, location scouting
Production services - cameras (JVC HD); Lights - flat panel, soft boxes; Sound - Sony wired and wireless mikes, Audiotechnics boom; Action - direction, craft services, etc.
Post Production - DVD authoring, webstreaming, social media marketing.

Fiscal Agency - Co-Production
Are you working on a project and you'd like to do it with non-profit status? BCM/WCM sponsors and co-produces projects for individuals or organizations without 501(c)(3) status. Non-profit status provides many benefits: productions be covered under the BCM/WCM liability insurance, be eligible for grants from foundations and the government, investors in your project can enjoy a tax exempt donation as allowed by law.

BCM/WCM provides training services to students of all ages. Training may be on an individual basis or for groups. BCM/WCM works closely with local school districts, colleges and universities to develop "hands-on" practical out-of-school learning opportunities in all facets of production, behind and in front of the camera. Student teams produce programs for community TV channels and web streaming.

Contact WCM/BCM Executive Director and Producer for more information at bvet22@yahoo.com

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