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Brussels ConneXion is a series of programmes made for TV Brussel by a group of young expats.

Each programme focuses on an exchange between an 'expat' and a 'local'. As the programme reveals, these categories are not, of course, so easily defined! What makes you an expat? When do you become a local?

The programme uses a series of playful encounters to explore what it means for some to be an expat in Brussels. Why do expats choose to settle here? How do they establish themselves? Why is it easier for some and more complicated for others? What links do expats have with their compatriots? And how do they interact with the ‘locals’? Do they get the chance to really connect?

The programme is broadcasted each month on TV Brussel.

Brussels ConneXion team is:
Jonathan Brennan
Zoe Catsaras
Olivier Dodier
Aude Espérandieu

And the photographer
Cedric Leboutte:


  1. Aude Espérandieu