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Founded in 2003 after a life-changing trip throughout South-East Asia, Beach Travellers was born out of a love of the nomadic lifestyle and some of the planet’s best kept secrets.

We haven’t stopped exploring since.

Specializing in adventure travel, our trips push the boundaries of what a modern travel company is. We have sought out what we believe are the best exotic locations and expose our travellers to new cultures, people, lifestyles and landscapes. Staying in locally owned and operated accommodations and avoiding tourist traps, we provide authentic travel and cultural experiences.

Our guides and surf coaches love what they do and always have suggestions on what to do. Working with them we’ve built and designed trips that are packed with many “don’t miss” experiences and lots of spontaneity. While we encourage travellers to join us for these unique highlight experiences throughout the trip, we also promote exploration (obviously some helpful advice of our experienced crew) or the option to simply kick back and laze in the hammock. Freedom.

We’ve experienced the ups and downs of travel and we think we’ve cultivated some of the best travel experiences you can be a part of.

Welcome to the best time of your life.

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