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Many VJs – video jockies – limit themselves to predefined edits of prerecorded music videos; Bean Worley’s approach is much broader. While his “media library” has grown over the years, Worley also works with live video feeds and alters the mix and visual effects to collaborate with musicians. Worley’s art is a synthesis of the live music experience and his unique blend of visual effects creating an experimental digital fusion of sound, performance and imagery. Worley is quoted as saying that there is a disconnect between music and art, something he addresses with his psychedelic retro-pop visuals and multiple overlaid video tracks which he adjusts and mixes based on feel, so that nothing is predetermined, and no two performances are ever the same. According to Worley, art is randomized information. Culling from a multitude of sources such as the Internet, YouTube, and his own film and digital library, Worley creates new contexts for old media. His work builds on the Dadaist art movement by incorporating video-montage and the use of strange juxtapositions. Worley, a devotee of the history of Art, holds a Masters of Fine Art from Georgia State University. He has collaborated with many bands including Lyonnais, the Carnivores and The Black Lips’s Cole Alexander.

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