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Off The Beaten Tracks is a musical project in unusual surroundings.

Edinburgh's a funny old place, you see. Much like the City Of London (the old bits around St.Paul's), the centre of the city is a winding, piled-high collection of narrow streets, tall buildings, and dark alleys that cut through its heart. Fertile raw material, in other words, if you wanted to - say - record acoustic sessions in places you'd not normally see them.

From January 2009, we'll be leading the best bands we can find - local and visiting, signed and unsigned - off Edinburgh's well-beaten tracks into the most interesting nooks and crannies we can squeeze into.

Over the course of the year, we'll be spreading our wings out of our home city. If you want to get involved, know a band that fits the bill, know a spot you'd like to see a band play in, or just have a burning desire to tell us how we're getting on, drop us a line on hello at offthebeatentracks dot tv

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