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We‘ve created this webside for; djs, producers, event managers but most importent for music lovers world wide. we all have one thing in common:music. So we've decided to let all the competition go its way and create our own, without any big promises but with the garanti that you will be able to find the latest news and albums of your favorite dj..s, knowing where and when they will visit your country.

Murat Uncuoglu | Get Physical | TR
Alican Yuksel | Get Physical | TR
Sarp Yılmaz | Apparel | Unfound | TR
Sezer Uysal | Ministry Of Sound | TR
Volkan Gunduz | Soho Music | TR
Logiztik Sounds | Global Undrgnd | UR
Pelacha | Red Sonja | Lesismore |Spain
Alex Costa | Variente | 303 Lovers | IT

For booking requests regarding any beatgate artist, get in touch with the beatgate label department.

34025 7/10 Istanbul, Turkey

Volkan Gunduz
General Contact

Yelda Ghaboosi
Label Manager

Label & Remixes & Licensing

Umut Karaduman


Serkut Simsek

Emre Akyel

Web Master

Beatgate Records
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Istanbul, Turkey


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