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At age nine, Begonya acted in the lead role of a Hollywood independent film. She grew up between Los Angeles, northern Spain and Colombia. She studied at Los Angeles Theatre Academy, with Eric Morris and John Lehne. After being directed by Walter Hill in the film 48HRS, Begonya moved to New York to continue studying acting, voice, dance and writing. Her teachers have been Herbert Berghof, Geraldine Page and Michael Howard. Begonya has been directed by Oliver Stone, Michael Mann, Tim Hunter, Clint Eastwood, and Ellen Kuras, amongst others. On stage by Philip Seymour Hoffman at Labyrinth’s original production of “In Arabia We'd All be Kings” and has collaborated with artists, Dan Lauria, Barry Gifford, John Randolph, Eduardo Machado, Austria’s, Kurt Palm, in a solo piece of Kurt Weill erotic songs and poems. Begonya played Yerma in Ensemble Studio West’s production of Yerma, directed by Russia’s Yevgeny Lanskoy. Most recently, Begonya acted in AENY’s ensemble production of “Ronensbourgh” at IATI, directed by Ignacio Garcia-Bustelo. While in her early twenties, Begonya wrote, directed and edited the documentary film, “Gernika Lives” about the bombing of Gernika, her father’s home town, and the Spanish Civil War, stories she was fed as a child. In 2002 she made, “Souvenir Views”. It premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, was screened in La Habana International Festival and subsequently aired for two consecutive years on the IFC Channel. After starring in the CBS series, “Dark Justice” shot in Barcelona she had a daughter there, and began to focus more on writing. “Persistence of Memory” is a screenplay and stageplay about Salvador Dalí, for which she has received much praise and support. In 2012, “Teresa’s Ecstasy” was produced Off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theatre, where she acted opposite Shawn Elliott and Linda Larkin. “A Lucid Dream” is a play about Dolores Ibarruri and Evita Perón, currently in development.

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