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Behavior is a three-piece band that lives and plays in New York City. Members Ian Campbell (bass), Bryce Hackford (guitar, synth, electronics), and Khira Jordan (drums) draw from diverse musical and artistic interests that intersect pop music, performance art, hip-hop, and rock & roll, resulting in a diverse and distinctly New York sound.

Drawn to a classic model–garage rock–but fusing it with 50 years of changing technologies and fidelities, Behavior arrives at something both nostalgic and new. Taking permission to draw from all the sounds (musical or otherwise) that they find relevant, the band feels free to collage disparate textures—with the faith that there are always new sounds worth unearthing.

Since forming in the fall of 2008, Behavior has released 7 small-run cassette and vinyl recordings on Whip Records, including the recently released LP, Permanent Record (2012). Set to head back into the studio later this year, the band is currently focused on a diversity of projects including theater, split 7-inches, remixes—and a tour sometime before the world ends on 12/21/12.

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