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Behind the Blade, L.L.C. is a dynamic production company based out of both New York and New Jersey. Our two heads of production, Yoisen Rosales and John Rebecchi, have over eighteen years of combined film and television industry experience. Given their experience, Behind the Blade, L.L.C. is uniquely suited to handle any range of production needs, from corporate to music video productions.

Creating a dynamic commercial is necessary for all local businesses to succeed. Given how tech savvy consumers are it's tough to broadcast a commercial and see results. For The American Shave Classic Barbershop we crafted a promotional reality series that would help get the word out about the shop through their current clientele. A sort of word of mouth campaign. Each episode would focus on a barber and a unique customer whom frequents their chair. It takes a lot of trust to let someone cut your hair and allowing the viewer sees what the shop is about, how diverse the clientele is and who the employees are helps make that first step into the shop easier. Our production company’s name stems from this promotional web video series.

We continue working with corporate clients and small business owners to develop and produce a variety of projects and promotions.

Yoisen Rosales
Founder & Partner
Behind The Blade, LLC

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