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Hi, I'm Anthony Montero, the french director of Behind The Corner.
I've first created this "signature" for my short films about dancing done with the help of choreographers and dancers.
The idea was to put a routine into a scene, a script or just a uncommon settup, finally let's say into a world called "Behind The Corner".
Naturally, my passions for motion and music have made me extend my work to differents horizons and allowed me to work with many people such as fashion designers, event planners, artists, jeweller..

Every project is unique.
It can be an art video, a commercial, a music video, a teaser, a making of, or a short documentary, everything is think to get you a video done with the passion of motion, sound, beauty and design.


  1. CEBRI
  2. Justdance Movement
  3. errorone