Bekonscot Model Village

Beaconsfield, England

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Hello there. Welcome to the film archive of Bekonscot Model Village and Railway.

Bekonscot is the world's oldest true model village - having been started in 1929 in Beaconsfield, England. We're still here now, having probably more fun than we should.

We've been putting together a film archive from all of the tapes that we've been given by producers and staff over the years, so that we can show you how the miniature town and its people have changed since 1929.

Bekonscot is a non-profit organisation, and this historic archive project has been developed to document and educate.

We hope you like the videos, and perhaps they'll inspire you to visit us. (After all, if it's good enough for the Queen and Enid Blyton, it must be for the rest of us...). Bekonscot a super place to come with the family - we're only a few miles outside London and near the M25 and M40 motorways. Come over, see our model trains, castles and towns - and have a nice cup of tea.

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