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We believe that weddings are a celebration for family and friends of a very important commitment between two people.

We are always honored to be participants in this very important day. It means a lot to us that you would invite us into your lives for this special occasion. A wedding is a true love story, with each one having a unique cast, location, and style. Bella is trained to adapt to the surroundings we are in to get the best photo and video possible that is specific to your story.

Bella strives to stay up to date on the latest wedding photo and video trends. We make every photo and video we create fresh and unique, while still holding onto classic traditions.

Bella has three major wedding photography styles: Traditional/Classic, Contemporary/Artsy, and Photojournalistic/Candid but we take it steps above that. We use our creative minds to not only capture the day in full, but to do it with the best possible angle, movement, and style to produce a product that will reflect your individuality.

When you book your wedding with Bella you know you are getting a highly trained and skilled professional who strives to produce amazing photos and video. Bella shoots with top of the line equipment. All Bella shooters have at least three years of experience. All clients are guaranteed to have a professional photographer and videographer with Bella Photo and Video.

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