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It's not our property. It's yours.

Bellarine Property is an exciting Real Estate Agency specializing in buying, selling and investing on the Bellarine Peninsula. With 35 years of combined experience and dealing with owners, investors and first time buyers, we understand that property can be a person's livelihood.

Real Estate is a serious investment and often a lifelong commitment which is exactly why we build and nurture our client relationships. Servicing select locations on the Bellarine Peninsula, we don't just sell and lease property but offer unique lifestyle solutions to savvy, discerning clientele who appreciate our local identity.

As a boutique agency, we don't plan on getting too big for our boots. Although the Bellarine Property team boasts the knowledge and industry expertise of a large corporate realtor, our main objective is to maintain an intimate customer-focused business so you get the best possible service, and price, whether you're buying, selling, leasing or renting.

With local knowledge, an impressive sale success-rate, tailored advertising solutions and reliable industry advice, you can expect to see truly positive results when you choose Bellarine Property. Ultimately, we will never overlook what matters most - your home, your property and your equity.

Bellarine Property. We really are right here for you.

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