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  1. 25:24

    'Elijah' (Selections)

    by [email protected]

    8 Videos

    The Chancel Choir and Orchestra presented Mendelssohn's "Elijah" in concert in May of 2011. Selections from "Elijah" were sung in Worship Services prior to the concert and…

  2. 01:00:23

    'Kingdom Come' - Worship through [email protected]

    by [email protected]

    18 Videos

    “Thy Kingdom come, on earth, as it is in heaven . . . ”Theologian N.T. Wright declares “ . . . that remains one of the most powerful and revolutionary sentences we can ever say.”…

  3. 29:18

    'Requiem' - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    by [email protected]

    9 Videos

    Mozart’s Requiem, the composer’s last and unfnished work, is one of the most famous musical compositions ever written due to not only the mysterious conditions under which it was commissioned,…

  4. 01:19:37

    4th Sunday in [email protected] - Children & Youth

    by [email protected]

    18 Videos

    From our youngest singers encouraging us 'To the Manger', reminding us to enthrone Christ in our hearts, proclaiming the birth in the music and language of North Africa 'Issay! Issay!'…

  5. 06:55:04

    [email protected]

    by [email protected]

    66 Videos

    Advent, derived from the Latin “adventus,” Advent literally means “coming” and is the Christian season of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Christ’s…

  6. 11:42:02

    Bel [email protected]

    by [email protected]

    155 Videos

    This auditioned ensemble of treble (unchanged) experienced young musicians presents a variety of challenging Christian choral music in worship, festivals and other public venues. The choir sings regularly…

  7. 05:44:14

    BelPres [email protected]

    by [email protected]

    73 Videos

    BelPres Handbells is an ongoing ministry of people who seek to glorify God through leading in worship, reaching out to the community, and discovering the joy that comes when a multi-generational group…

  8. 04:25:02

    BelPres [email protected]

    by [email protected]

    70 Videos

    BelPres Trombones are organized into four areas: Read and Play, Trombone Choir, Jubilee Trombones, and Festival Trombones.

  9. 52:55

    Born Is the King - Worship through Music

    by [email protected]

    9 Videos

    Sunday - December 8, 2013 - The Choir & Orchestra of Bellevue Presbyterian Church; Scott Dean, director; Wayne Slater, organist; Cynthia Dean, soloist; Karen Nelson, narrator.

  10. 01:23:51

    Brahms Requiem(2013)@belpres

    by [email protected]

    10 Videos

    A true masterpiece of the choral/orchestral repertoire, Johannes Brahms’ Requiem does not follow the traditional Latin liturgy for the dead. Rather, it is a message of comfort and hope for the…

  11. 05:36:37

    Brass Band [email protected]

    by [email protected]

    95 Videos

    Brass Band Northwest, a BelPres ensemble-in-residence, is pleased to join worship services, as they do four to five times a year. Thanks to the work of the Salvation Army there has been a strong association…

  12. 13:14

    Christmas Eve - [email protected]

    by [email protected]

    5 Videos

    Candlelight Services featuring: Joy Song and the Good News Group at 5PM; The Chancel Choir, Festival Orchestra, Modern Worship Band, FPCB Handbells, Wayne Slater on the organ, and soloists at 6:30,…

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