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Ben is a 28-year-old, London born filmmaker, raised in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Australia and Bath. His first stab at directing was a puppet show at the age of 11 that lasted so long as to require an intermission. It had dinosaurs.

After graduating with a BA in Philosophy from Kings College London he spent a year freelancing, resulting in a nationally broadcast commercial that ended up paying for his first term at the London Film School.

His mid-course film ‘Dinner and a Movie’ was selected for the Palm Springs Shortfest 2013, the London Short Film Festival 2013 and the Edinburgh Film Festival 2013; which named him a 'British director of tomorrow'.

His graduation film ‘He Took His Skin Off For Me’ premiered at the Palm Springs Shortfest 2014, and has been selected for the BFI London Film Festival, Fantastic Fest and several more. His online short 'Russian Roulette' recently won the jury prize at Sundance London went on to be selected for Sundance 2015.

His work is regularly described as poignant, hilarious, heartwarming and terrifying.

His favorite chupa-chup is cola.

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