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Benjamin Carpenter is an interactive Artist/Fabricator/Teacher who works in the space between our industrial heritage and the forward momentum of contemporary media. HIs work is about making connections. It is a meditation on life in the 21st century, the history that led to it and the future that lies ahead.

He began exploring his creativity as a child in New England building cardboard forts and various other contraptions with tools smuggled from his grandfather’s garage. Earning a B.F.A. in metalsmithing and an M.F.A in Sculpture set the stage for a career building larger-scale architectural, kinetic and interactive projects.

He has been developing his personal style and work ethic for the last decade by working with many artists and craftspeople on both coasts of the U.S. Now living in Oakland, Ca. he spends his time pursuing his interests individually and collaboratively. He is a member of Applied Kinetic Arts and a founder of 5 Ton Crane.

Benjamin maintains an active role in the Oakland arts community by mentoring four apprentices and teaching at the Crucible. He has also guest lectured at the major art schools in the Bay Area.

He has shown his work locally, nationally and internationally. Backbone is the moniker under which he does commissioned work.

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