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Benjamin Murray grew up in a small, farm town upstate NY. Benjamin was homeschooled, along with his three brothers. With a world of freedom, he grew up going out on adventures, creating stories and characters through his imagination. Throughout high school he would film his adventures and the trips on a small HD camcorder. He would then narratively cut them together. “To be able to capture an idea, a story, a vision you have is a truly beautiful thing. I want people to see what I see live in the worlds I’ve created and join me on my adventures of imagination.” His love for adventure and creativity go hand in hand in filmmaking, “ Even the process of creating the film is an adventure. An Incredible collaboration of ideas.” After High school Benjamin took a break from film and enrolled in the International Alert Academy (Air Land Emergency Resource Team)”I needed to make sure that film is what I wanted to do, and I needed the discipline and the experience I received there. To be truly grounded in my faith and what I believe.” After Basic Training and Emergency Response Training, Benjamin went back home in March of 2011 and proceeded to write and film throughout the summer. Fall of 2011 Ben was accepted into the New York Film Academy of NYC. “After being away from film and experiencing many different things in life, it just solidified my dream to be a filmmaker. I’ve been so incredible blessed to know what I’m meant to do and have the opportunity to do it.” Now Ben, 20, has graduated from the New York Film Academy and is currently starting a production company, based in NYC. With a wide range of credits, and experiences Benjamin feels he is ready to head the company, “Everyone has a gift, and I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have found that at this early stage in life. If you allow it, life will take you far, just never forget who you are. Always ask yourself, ‘why you do the things you do and who you do them for’. Remember why you are where you are, and who helped you get there. Live, love, laugh, cry, and tell a beautiful story.”

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