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Sydney, Australia

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Benjamin’s passion for creativity and flair for filmmaking has been a driving force behind his pursuit to become a Cinematographer. His innate sense of storytelling and aptitude to capture essence has been publicly recognised through multiple industry awards.

Benjamin has received a Golden Tripod at the Australian Cinematographers Society National Awards. The same Society awarded him with Gold and Bronze State Awards and most recently, Benjamin has been confirmed an official selection for the Drama category at the prestigious European Manaki Brothers Cinematography Festival.

Benjamin demonstrated a natural eye for composition early on in his childhood. Looking back on a trip to rural Australia at the young age of nine, Benjamin was already capturing photos with perfect composition and stunning results. Realising his talent, he has since nurtured a love for imagery and filmmaking, spending several years in the Film and Television industry, before re-inventing himself as a cinematographer to fulfil a life-long dream.

Benjamin’s breadth of knowledge spans both broadcast television and film production and his versatile shooting abilities have allowed him to travel the world to places such as Europe, Asia and America to film a variety of genres that have been broadcasted Nationally and Internationally.

Planting his feet firmly in Sydney soil, Benjamin joined forces with his two business partners to establish Mindconsole Australia in 2010. Although armed with vast experience, Benjamin considers his work to date as just the tip of the iceberg. His plans for the future include developing his skills in Underwater Cinematography and training as a Steadicam Operator.

Benjamin’s appetite for growth is evident in his relentless desire to challenge himself with a diverse range of work that includes storytelling pieces for creative projects and visually powerful brand messages for commercial projects. As he continues to develop and expand his skills set, Benjamin’s passion for cinematography will no doubt take Mindconsole Australia from strength to strength.

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