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Calgary, Alberta

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This is the creative side of Benny Giang. As mentioned from previous Google searches of "Benny Giang" there are a lot of websites mentioning my semi-professional experience with the tech industry. The rest of the other websites represent 'Plan B' if incase all else fails, I would love to make films, own a blog, and produce really creative stuff.

Posted 09/06/2015: In the meantime... while I'm pursuing a career in startups I will be taking a hiatus from any creative work. Feel free to watch my older stuff!


  1. Alexander Engel
  2. Mike Ng
  3. Chris A. Neal
  4. Hiro Murai
  5. Brandon Li
  6. The North Face
  7. Run Riot
  8. The Avant/Garde Diaries
  9. +Acumen
  10. m ss ng p eces
  11. House of Radon
  12. Webydo
  14. Go Project Films
  15. The Creative Class
  16. CASTEL
  17. Ariel Kleiman
  18. The Mercadantes

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