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I am a Senior Freelance Creative specialising in the field of Motion Graphics. I currently operate out of Amsterdam but am also available for remote collaborations.

I spend the majority of my time working within Cinema 4D and the Adobe software suite.

I have worked for a variety of high profile brands and television networks including; The Discovery Channel, Google, ITV, Microsoft, Nokia, Now TV, Skype, Sky, Star India and TVNZ. Working alongside teams at AMV BBDO, BDA, Dixon Baxi, The Design Studio, Earth, The Council and Venture 3.

Throughout the roles I have held my responsibilities have included; production of bespoke television promos and idents; creation of commercials and product films; complete program redesigns and title sequence production; channel rebrands; compositing of green screen footage and rendered elements; storyboarding; pre-vizualisation and style frame pitch work; development of logos and show identities.

If you would like to work with me on anything please enquire through

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