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2/5 BZ founded in Istanbul by Serhat Söksal in 1986. As a constantly evolving multimedia project, the output is in disparate formats: tapes, video collages, CD-ROMs, audio CDs, photocopied zines and live performances since 1991 . Serhat Söksal aka 2/5 BZ, is performing on the subject of Turkish pop cinema and deconstruction, exotic tourism and anti-orientalism / anti-city myths, copy culture and remakes, the ethnic market and east-west gateway clichés , critical sound art and audiovisual experimentation using collage and cut-up techniques, found footage, field recordings and samples - in short: a critical and humorous re-use of mass culture and investigates cultural cliches and their effects on the economic and political situation of individuals .
The audiovisual performance of Serhat Köksal aka 2/5 BZ entitled 'NO Touristik NO Exotic' has toured festivals, exhibitions,squats and clubs in 19 countries and 91 cities in Europa ,Asia ,North America .
2/5Bz concentrates such as ' Cultural Pipeline and
Energy Dialogue' since 2007 begin, presenting Sound Performance and Planetcore live visuals in Italy, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Iran, Poland, Russia, USA, Belgium, Holland,Belarus, Switzerland, France, Latvia ,Denmark and Serbia.
2/5BZ has performed at well-known festivals such as Club Transmediale in Berlin ,Sonic Acts in Amsterdam.
Serhat Sok sal is co-curator of the International Roaming Biennial of Tehran and have interviewed by John Peel on 1994 for BBC world Service " Of all the music I heard in Turkey , I liked 2/5BZ best ". John Peel and have two times "Peel Session" in BBC Radio 1 and have interview about Turkish Pop Cinema on Channel 4 TV (Mondo Macabro television series 2001) and have selection in first wide-ranging book quide of audiovisual art and VJ culture ( D-Fuse ) in 2006. Project presenting on the subject of Turkish Pop Cinema and Deconstruction, Exotic Tourism and Anti-City myths,Copy Culture and Remakes, critical sound art and audiovisual experimentation using found footage, news material, outdoor shots , field recordings and processed samples, electronics - in short: a critical and humorous re-use of mass culture.He lives and works in Istanbul.

2/5BZ, works in a range of media, with releases in video, music and literary formats. His work is characterized by a balancing on the verge of trash and the ongoing production of collages of music, cinema, web caches, speech and field recordings. 2/5BZ has put on live audiovisual performances in 19 countries and 91 cities, at clubs, festivals, squats and exhibitions. He concentrates on concepts such as cultural pipeline, energy dialogue, Turkish pop cinema, deconstruction, exotic tourism, anti-city myths, copy culture and remakes, investigating cultural clichés and Recent ( New-Age ) scientific discoveries; hardcore ultra modernism's new strategies of future developments and their effects on the economic and political situation of individuals. In his audiovisual performances he has focused on new security measures and the indisputable acceptance of volunteering and is currently working on "New Age Toolerance Vampirism", “ DNA Fascism”, ''Hologram Doctrine'', "Avatar Liberalism", in "Palaverel" and Parallel Universes as well as '' Cosmic Nottoman NOptimism '' and recent performance " Istanbul Courthoustep." INTERVIEW wire interview 2012 (2013) ( 2013 ),429.html


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