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We are Travelling Cinema, the artist- and filmmaker-duo Alisa Berger and Lena Ditte Nissen. Our projects can be described as a mixture of expanded cinema, poetry and sound. We experiment within the synthesis of image - text/voice - noise/music and our own physical presence. Within our performances we work with found footage and self-shot material on 16mm and 8mm film-material and poetry/text/theory, self-written and adopted, as well as experiment with sound and voice or collaborate with different (sound-)artists. We try to establish audiovisual expressions of spaces. These spaces may be concrete in the sense of referring to the space in which the performance takes place. They may be abstract psychological spaces that might be seen as to refuse audiovisual representations. We want to hold on to these for a juncture of time; not in order to make them static, but rather to create a moment of reference within the ephemeral. Follow our upcomming shows and screenings at and

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