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Kevin is a self-proclaimed product of the ‘80’s. He was born in Seoul, South Korea but was raised just outside of Boston, MA. He confesses to having spent more than the allowed time in front of the television or “idiot box,” (as his mother referred to it). MTV, The Muppet Show and franchise blockbusters shaped his understanding of imagery and storytelling. Begrudgingly, he also credits his classical education, which was tyrannically rooted in Latin, literature and grammar. It’s no surprise that after graduating from Emerson College, he re-located to Los Angeles, CA.

Once in LA, Kevin’s talents landed him in positions on the directorial teams of his idols and industry giants like: Michael Bay, Mike Nichols, Rob Reiner, Gore Verbinski, and Christopher Nolan. Across 4 countries, countless states, and 12 credited features Kevin honed his directorial skills, he calls it the ultimate Fan-boy’s Phd. program in filmmaking and storytelling. These experiences allowed Kevin to transition into helming his own projects.

Since he has made the move to directing, Kevin has directed commercials for brands like Audi, Saleen Motors, Burger King, Mattel, and Hasbro. But Kevin claims the highlight of his professional career came only days after moving to LA. While working on set he was thrown into a scene as an extra (TV sound guy), where he almost immediately struck Method Man on the head with a boom pole. To this day Kevin will not pick-up a boom pole.

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