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"What we have is nothing less than an infinity of memories of any moment, event or person: memories that change slowly, always, with every passing second, but now and then dramatically, after some jolt or revelation." (Timothy Garton Ash, 1997)

B/B [Berlin mit Berlin] is a visual exploration of memories in post-Wall Berlin through personal experiences and emotions of uncertainty. I have been awarded Distinction for this MA Digital Arts project (NUCA, 2011). I'm currently running a PhD/MPhil research programme at Norwich University of the Arts/University of the Arts London.

I am looking into the boundaries between still/moving images, social/personal memories, the present/the past, and the psychological Wall in the mind between former East and West Berliners.

I teach photography and woodwork at Summerhill School (UK) and as a consultant and photographer-designer in Vietnam.

Tomo Usuda
tomo [at] tomousuda.com

PhD/MPhil (Norwich University of the Arts + University of the Arts London, 2014-)

Still images
MA Digital Arts (2009-2011)

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