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  1. New Brew Thursday

    New Brew Thursday Southern California


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    Respect beer. Understand beer. Drink beer. Join the four of us ( Stephen, John, Matt and Dr. Bill ) as we explore the world of craft and home-brewed beer, talk about the revolution of craft, and how you can be an advocate for craft beer. Also, we bring you Dr. Bill who will teach you how to expertly…

  2. The Lost Abbey

    The Lost Abbey PRO San Marcos, Ca


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    In the beginning there was Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They were told not to eat the fruit from the apple tree.They were tempted by the serpent and made a "choice" to eat from the tree. Their actions were not preordained but rather the actions of beings with free will. At every fork…

  3. Kevin Baird

    Kevin Baird San Diego


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  4. The Bruery

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