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Hamilton, Ontario

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I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and work as a manager of Graphics and IT, overseeing graphics and production methods, development of new retail designs and promotional literature, oversight of web development and SEO campaigns, programming and development of workflow streamlining tools, and the maintenance and upkeep of computer hardware, networking, and other infrastructure.

Professionally I've worked with all media from graphic design for print and web, to web design and programming to DVD authoring to video production, directing, editing etc.

I've done tech work for all kinds of printing. Web, Litho, Flexo, you name it, and can flog around any Adobe App like a rag doll! After Effects is my new love these days (Don't tell my dog! I promise he will still get his walkies regularly!)

I'm also a landlord, Mac nerd, marathon runner, and spiritually educated guy, with a history studying shamanism. I'm always looking for script ideas, and a crew of good people to work with on creative projects! Viva la HD!!


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