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  1. 05:41


    by Berry College

    3 Videos

  2. 09:16:44

    Berry College Presidential Apperances

    by Berry College

    9 Videos

    Videos that Berry College president Dr. Stephen Briggs appears in.

  3. 01:54:47

    Around Berry Video Archives

    by Berry College

    25 Videos

    This album contains videos associated with Around Berry articles produced by the Berry College Office of Public Relations and Marketing.

  4. 01:31:26

    Berry College Student Activities and Events

    by Berry College

    14 Videos

    This album contains videos of past on-campus events at Berry.

  5. 01:11:57

    Berry College Department Created Content

    by Berry College

    9 Videos

    This album contains videos that are produced by departments other than the Office of Advancement.

  6. 59:54

    Berry College Promotional Videos

    by Berry College

    27 Videos

    This album contains videos produced for the Office of Advancement for the means of recruiting, alumni relations, and fund raising efforts.

  7. 28:22:40

    Live Stream Archives

    by Berry College

    21 Videos

    This album includes archived videos of events including graduation commencements, guest lecturers and other special events.

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