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Besides composing and producing music Beto is a film director specialized in TV commercials and music videos of Buenos Aires. Flehnerfilms, pank, poster, where he's the younger director.
He have a passion for visual arts, Beto got involved in avant garde expressions like the role of VJing, the creation of contents for Internet, viral marketing campaigns, "art trends" installations and TV production. His work was shown on diverse channels like the Ciudad Cultural Konex (Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Recoleta, the South American Music Conference, the Creamfields festival and MTV.

As a musician he's a member of Simon, band that records for Alerta discos, label owned by Soda Stereo Member Zeta Bosio, and as a producer he chose the electro sound.

In 2012 your new work is P.A.R.I.S

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