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I am a White Mountain Apache filmmaker based in Arizona. I've worked as a Director/Producer and DP on a number of films that have broadcasted on PBS. I work freelance here in Arizona, however most of my work has taken me out of state. I decided to create a Vimeo profile to showcase some of my stuff in hopes of finding more opportunities for collaboration, work and inspiration here at this awesome site! I'm a family man with a lovely wife and 4 beautiful children.

My latest project broadcast May 4th, 2009 as the 4th episode in a very ambitious Documentary series produced by American Experience. It's a feature length film about the life and time of the Famous Chiricahua Apache, Geronimo. Sarah Colt and I were co-producers, directors and writers on this film and I am very proud of our collaboration on this project. I even got to shoot some reenactments for the film. Hope you get to see it! The box set of the series can be purchased through Amazon and through PBS directly, or you can download just my film via the iTunes Music Store! Get it!

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