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"Keep an eye out for this up and coming group of actors, directors, writers, and performers." - The New York Times

"Tester, Trent and Guarnieri. A trio sent from God himself." - The Chicago Tribune

"Why oh why are they so dedicated to the East Coast?!" - The L.A. Times

Better StirFry Productions is an independent production company founded by Raymond Guarnieri, Matt Tester and Mckenzie Trent in late 2010 and is based in New York City. Since it's inception the group has produced a handful of short comedic sketches for the internet, as well as the stage. Recently, the group has produced its first short comedic film entitled, "Marg the Superhero," about a school teacher who aspires to be America's next big superhero.

Better StirFry productions is currently in pre-production for their first dramatic short entitled, "Sakura Park," about a same sex couple straining to keep their relationship healthy after spending all of their young adult lives together.

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