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Betty Poison is a female-fronted Berlin based band that offers explosive Alternative Rock laced with Gin.

They performed all over Europe (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland), in the U.S.A. and in Japan, where they were endorsed by Gibson guitars.

Under the label Fastermaster Records they released the 5 tracks EP "Uncool" (2008) and two full length albums: "Poison for you" (2009) and "Beauty is over" (April 2011), whose release party took place in Rome and Berlin.

They were the opening act for Courtney Love and Hole in Milan and Rome (February and August 2010).

Four songs from the cd "Poison for you" were distributed by 20th Century Fox HE alongside the dvd of "Megiddo".

The song "Time", from the cd "Beauty is over", was the soundtrack for a performance by Anton Perich, long time photographer for Andy Warhol . It took place in New York and was shot by Minimal Cinema.

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