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Bex&Julz brings together fashion, art, film, theatre, literature, music. We merge the two concepts of art and fashion. We recreate, we experiment, we restyle moments in books, in films, in people’s attitudes that we have observed and that have sparked an innate desire to produce.

Bex & Julz are Rebecca Illing and Giulia Campaner, both born 1986 and based in London. Rebecca and Giulia decided to launch Bex & Julz in 2012, after noticing a gap in the fashion industry and bringing their professional experience in Theatre, arts and Fashion all together. Bex & Julz provides art direction, acting, brand consultancy and representation as a service. The brand’s aim is to create a new multi-disciplinary platform where fashion is presented through all kind of artistic mediums in form of exclusive collaborations and commissioned projects.