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    Flash Films (2011)

    by Lisa Biagiotti

    4 Videos

    The "un-less" series is a compilation of 30- to 60-second films that probe the profundity of absence and loss.

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    Jamaica's Glass Closet (2009)

    by Lisa Biagiotti

    1 Video

    A series of short documentaries that explore the intersection of HIV and homophobia in Jamaica. Series aired on PBS/Worldfocus in October 2009.

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    The World's Toilet Crisis (2010)

    by Lisa Biagiotti

    1 Video

    An hour-long documentary that investigates why 2.6 billion people don't use toilets and what's being done to address the sanitation crisis in India and Indonesia. (Aired June 2010 on Current…

  4. 10:11

    deepsouth (2012)

    by Lisa Biagiotti

    7 Videos

    Through a series of short videos and a forthcoming feature-length film, we're documenting the perfect storm of social conditions that have accelerated the spread of HIV infections across America’s…

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    Crisis in Congo (2008)

    by Lisa Biagiotti

    1 Video

    The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been called the deadliest conflict since World War II. More than 5 million people have died. We report on the humanitarian crisis and the epidemic of rape.

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