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Bianca Boragi is an interdisciplinary artist. She is an MFA candidate at the Yale school of Art, in the sculpture department, and an archivist and craftsman for the Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings Archive at Yale University Art Gallery. She was born and raised in Paris, where she obtained her BFA from ENSAPC. Her work has been exhibited in France, Germany, India, Italy, Scotland, throughout the United States and was recently awarded the recipient of the JUNCTURE Fellowship in Art and International Human Rights.

Art Statement:
I was born and raised in Paris by two migrant parents, and became a migrant myself when I moved to New York to pursue a career in the arts. Place and heritage, and their effect on identity, self­fulfillment, money, and family have always been primary concerns in my work.
My work considers the relationship of the social world to the private, psychological one. I like to create characters evolving in absurd situations to explore environmental and emotional reactions, and the evolving process of being a person. I like to create videos that can express something ephemeral, ineffable, an emotion or state that is maybe difficult to describe other than the way it manifests itself visually. I’ m the kind of artist who responds to life itself. I shape a piece of experience from my private interest into a tale with meaning for an external viewer. Humor is often a big part of my work, acting as a hook to get people involved and offer a point of entry.
My life has always been dedicated to art and always will be. I would love to bring this desire into your journey and share my work with you.

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