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  1. MILapse

    MILapse Ann Arbor


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    Architecture, design & timelapse... love it all. THE source for budget motion control : www.dynamicperception.com My video blogish outlet: www.youtube.com/milapse Join the timelapse discussion forum at timescapes.org/phpBB3 Tweet @MiLapse

  2. Dynamic Perception

    Dynamic Perception PRO Ann Arbor Michigan


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    Motion control systems for photographers and filmmakers

  3. Jose A. Hervas

    Jose A. Hervas Plus Ibiza


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    If you would like to license any of my clips or hire me to shoot timelapse for you, please be in touch. Si estas interesado en la licencia de mis clips o hacer algun trabajo timelapse, contacteme Facebook: facebook.com/JoseAHervas Twitter: twitter.com/#!/JoseHervasMora Contact: coibza@gmail.com

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