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  1. Ivan Puig

    Ivan Puig México


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    Ivan Puig (1977 Mexico) He spent his first years between the streets of a city, the tropical jungle and the car junks. He did studies in electronics and Fine Arts. The line that conects his works is the critical perspective and the humor present in his social enviroment observations. Indignation and…

  2. Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

    Anu-Laura Tuttelberg Plus Tallinn, Estonia


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    Anu-Laura Tuttelberg graduated MA degree in animation at Estonian Academy of Arts in 2013. She made her first animation Kärbeste veski / Fly Mill a puppet film as her graduation film. Fly Mill has screened in numerous festivals around the world and won nearly 20 prizes. Her first film after graduation,…

  3. Electrodoméstico
  4. proyecto al margen
  5. Playa Norte Video Productions

    Playa Norte Video Productions México, DF


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    Producción de Video Situado en la Ciudad de México Con el alma en la playa del Pacífico

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