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MD, born 1955 in Hard, Austria My CV is the contrary of straightforward. I have experienced what it means to work in intensive care, and psychiatry, in the Civil War of Lebanon, and in the pharmaceutical industries. For many many years I was looking for escaping medicine and find a way to get involved with a more creative way of working.
Since the beginning of the nineties I am walking along the frontiers of textbook science, my favorites being dynamic systems. The scientists I owe a lot in my career are Irun R. Cohen from Weizmann Institute and Henri Atlan, philosopher and MD at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. They opened my eyes for another way of looking at the world. Another important inspiration was and still is Heinz von Förster from BCL in Wisconsin. Since 2000 I pursue my life experiment to resuscitate Colostrum. We call it Biestmilch/beestings.

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