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An avid outdoor adventurer since childhood, Matt Prepelka, the founder of Big Bow Outdoor Productions is absolutely obsessed with hunting. His lovely wife is not. Despite that, Matt still finds time to slip out and pursue wild game as often as possible. He is in his 11th season with a bow and last year took his best Western PA Whitetail yet. He shot the 12 point buck pictured on the left less than 1000 yards from his suburban home.
Matt currently holds no records and despite repeated failures approaches each hunt as if a Pope & Young rack is just around the corner... Probably why his lovely wife thinks this little hobby is such a mind numbing waste of time.
Matt is a Penn State graduate with an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. He currently works for a large multi-national bank (not as glamorous as it sounds) as a manager. He has been published in North American Versatile Hunting Dog magazine... An oversight that we are sure they now regret!

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