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This particular Paul Thomas is a comedian/forward. A jackass of all comedy trades, Paul Thomas has performed his critically acclaimed solo sketch show Comedogenic at the New York Sketch Comedy Festival, Chicago Sketchfest, SketchfestNYC, the Public House Theater, iO Theaters Chicago & LA, and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Last October he made his network TV debut as Big John on Chicago Fire on NBC. His epic web series Ped Crossing, based on one of his solo sketches, was featured in The Onion AV Club. Some of other his work has screened at the Just for Laughs Festivals in Montreal and Chicago, the L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival, and the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, amongst others. Paul is also a stand-up comic, and is a cast member of Chicago Underground Comedy. On the music front, Paul, Jeff Madden, and Cork Kangas comprise Lola Balatro, the post-grunge acoustic com-rock band that is scorching the earth with hits like "I Got 2 Black Friends" and "Questionable Beef."

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