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NYC and the French Alps

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Big Mountain Adventures is a boutique adventure company that takes its essence from the French Alps and New York.

Our very foundation, at once rural and metropolitan, allows us to offer clients all the mystique and allure of the mountains and the highest standards of quality and service.

Our goal is to offer exceptional trips in various disciplines that all are connected to the mountains. All adventures can be costumed designed to fit your needs and wishes.

Big Mountain Adventures Guides will take you to the hard-to-reach, off-the-beaten-path locations that only seasoned locals are privy to, each day you will wake up to gorgeous mountain faces ready to be explored, and they will all be yours for the taking.

Your BMA Adventure will be unlike anything you have experienced elsewhere. Get ready for the first trip of the rest of your life.

Check out the trips and destinations available and do not hesitate to contact us for any special trips request, seminar expeditions, photo and TV productions…

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