Mike Baker the Bike Maker

Alameda, CA

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Mike Baker the Bike Maker does not make bikes. He does make music though, and in turn, that makes for a good time. Like James Bond, his wit and charm can win over anybody he meets; but underneath that cultured persona lays a beast ready to unleash another deadly verse.

Hailing from Alameda, CA (which he describes as the tropical island off the coast of Oakland), Bike Maker began his journey as an artist from an early age. He honed his skills tirelessly from the hallways of middle and high school, all the way up through the stages of his college, San Francisco State University.

As a member of the Bay Area-based collective the Honor Roll, Mike Baker the Bike Maker takes it back to a time when "keeping it real" meant staying true to yourself. From Grand Puba to LCD Soundsystem and everything in between, his influences have always played a key role in helping him find his truly unique and individual voice. But as much as his music is his own, Bike Makers universal appeal makes it impossible for anybody to resist joining in the endless party.

The secret agent of rap, he's always on a mission to bring a dignified and honest good time back to Hip-Hop. If you've been looking for whats been missing in music, your search ends here: Mike Baker the Bike Maker.

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