Bill Kohls

Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Impression… it’s what grabs your customer's attention, it the key to making customers powerless from looking at your product or service. I strive to get that feeling with my photos and videos. Weather its a real estate video promotion showing off a multi-million dollar house or a new brand of sunglasses its all about the impression you want to leave on your customer and I can help!

My mission is to capture those photos and video that say "My product or service is the the highest quaility, most useable and only choice for you." I work hard for the companies that hire me and know that my results will work hard for them to increase marketabiliy, sales and profit. I specialize in Real Estate, Product, Promotional and Head Shot Commercial photography and video. I enjoy every challenge that comes my way and approuch them all with the same level of intensenity, professionalism and creativity to give each client something new. Through my photography and video I hope to capture a unitue side to every clients product or service that will excel them in their industy. Reach out to me today and let's talk about how I can help your business set itself apart from the rest. When I am not working with clients I spend most of my time in the outdoors. On the water or in the woods is my calling and where I take the time to recharge and expand my creativity. I am a yes man due to my upbringing and am proud to have a personsility that is willing to try everything once. I hope you enjoy viewing some of my work and have a wonderful day.

-Bill Kohls

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