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Sydney, Australia

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Binh Van Phan is a writer / director.

Born and raised in Melbourne, he has worked in many fields within the film industry particularly cinematography, before moving to Sydney to study directing at the Australian Film Television Radio School.

With mentoring in television and film directing provided by Jane Campion, Kriv Stenders, Cate Shortland, Samantha Lang, Anna Kokkinos, Miranda Harcourt, Melissa Bruder, and Robert Klenner, Binh is passionate about the actor’s process as well as capturing the most honest performances in a unique and visually engaging way.

Binh's influences include John Carpenter, Terence Malick, John Woo, and Wong Kar-wai. His films and stories are character driven, drawing mostly from his personal experiences.

mobile. +61 402 935 928

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