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Bellevue, ID

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BioBlast is an alternative to sand blasting that incorporates advanced abrasive media blast technology with bio neutral abrasives to create custom profiles, restore surfaces and remove coatings. Each project is tailored to emphasize natural beauty with minimal impact.

Our approach to cleaning and restoration uses specialized media capable of a full range of applications that can be used on wood, metal, brick, stone, concrete, glass and fiberglass. From log homes to vintage cars, we have the experience to determine the best media for the job to create superior results with minimal impact. Bio Blast offers dry, wet and hydro blasting and employs spark free and low dust media as innovative alternatives to traditional chemical and silica-based methods that are harmful to our environment and us.

Bio Blast understands the need to reduce the use of unsustainable sources for materials. As a result, we have sourced reclaimed and agricultural media some of which are manufactured in Idaho. By employing and reusing bio neutral and sustainable media such as soda, glass, cob and walnut shell we are able to minimize environmental impact and clean up even when blasting on location.

Our careful assessment of surface properties combined with the right abrasive media choice can create a precise texture profile and has resulted in talented artists, sculptors, interior designers, landscape architects and home builders contracting us to prep their projects for finishes and patinas.

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