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William Michals is a freelance filmmaker, editor, and all around media-centered fellow. He is the owner of Birdcall Empire (Birdcall Films), a "one-stop" production company dedicated to producing unique voices of all stripes. He currently works as a Creative Director for an online retail company.


  1. Eric Power
  2. Jenny B
  3. Deanna Kamiel
  4. Suzanne Hillinger
  5. Andrew Lyman-Clarke
  6. Berg & Zoli
  7. Jackie Memenza
  8. Daniel Casey
  9. Juan Pablo Dominguez
  10. bianca ahmadi
  11. Carlos A. Rojas
  12. Zachary Ludescher
  13. Rick Ring
  14. Plum
  15. Sorrel Brae
  16. Kevin Chicas
  17. matthew bernard
  18. Daniel Land

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